Emily Lloyd

The Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Emily Lloyd


 Annapolis, Maryland 

Why did you choose Daniels?

 I loved the idea of the challenge structure and being able to practice what I was learning as we learned it instead of just staying in the classroom. 

Previous Education

 BA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality, University of Virginia, 2014 

Pre-Grad School Experience

 I worked for two years as a domestic violence advocate (one year at a DV shelter in New Hampshire, one in Maryland), then moved to New York and spent six years at a national nonprofit called the One Love Foundation that creates education about healthy and unhealthy relationships. At One Love, I worked on the program side, first on the ground by facilitating workshops with young people writing lesson plans, then later managing partnerships with national sports organizations and helping to create our national program strategy. 

Post Grad School Goal

 I would love to start my own nonprofit connecting my passion for relationship health with my background in sport. 


In my spare time you can find me coaching the DU swimming team, skiing, running or hanging out with friends.