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Dan Zuchegno, PhD
Affiliate Professor
MBA@Denver (Online), MBA Programs
Dan Zuchegno

Dan Zuchegno is a professor of economics with more than 25 years of experience in both the academe and private consulting industry. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Denver for eight years and is currently an affiliate professor in finance in the MBA@Denver program.

Prior to his time in Denver, he was a faculty member at the Economics Institute in Boulder, Colorado, where he was head of the Professional Development Program and later director of the Graduate Preparation Program. Zuchegno’s teaching record features disciplines such as economic theory, mathematical economics, money, banking and financial markets, and international economics.

In addition to his teaching schedule, Zuchegno has been involved in a variety of management and administrative aspects of international education programs, including budgeting, curriculum development, student services and advisory services to both students and faculty. While pursuing his academic interests, Zuchegno provided consulting services to USAID and overseas financial institutions, universities and governments in the design and implementation of training programs in banking, public finance, business management, monetary policy and other areas of applied economics. Zuchegno was recently named one of the top 125 faculty in the United States by Dow Jones Co. to incorporate technology in the classroom.



  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder
  • MS, University of Colorado Boulder
  • BA in Economics, Kent State University