Busayo Ogunniyan

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Graduate Student Ambassador
gunniyan busayo


 Lagos, Nigeria 

Why did you choose Daniels?

 I chose Daniels because of its curriculum structure and capstone project that is centered around real-time analytic consulting and actually solving real business challenges. 

Previous Education

MS in Information Systems Security Management, Tuskegee University 

Pre-Grad School Experience

Before starting at Daniels, I had the opportunity to work as a systems analyst for a northern California nonprofit focused on bridging healthcare gaps within the community. 

Post Grad School Goal

Post-graduation, I am hoping to work as a business analyst or consultant for a Fortune 500 company. I hope to also start up my own firm focused on helping small- to medium-sized businesses thrive. 


I love the outdoors. When am not working or studying, you will find me sightseeing, traveling, hiking and trying out new recipes.