Brett Stuart, JD
Affiliate Professor
Brett Stuart

Brett Stuart, JD, an affiliate professor of finance in the MBA@Denver program, is the chief executive officer for Richfield Orion International, Inc., an international investment banking firm. He started teaching economics in the classroom setting during his first year of graduate school. Since then, he has taught economics, law, finance and even accounting primarily to online classes.

Prior to Richfield Orion, Stuart was a compliance officer and home office supervisory principal for a 500+ registered representative broke dealing in Knoxville, Tennessee. He also served as the CEO and chief compliance officer of Richfield Orion Insurance Agency.

He holds a master of arts degree in econometrics and international banking from the University of California; an MBA in Finance from California State College; and a Juris Doctor, a Graduate Diploma in Law and a Master of Law in Taxation from the University of San Diego. He has lived in Canada and Austria and has studied French, German, Italian and Mandarin; he is currently studying Russian.