Blair Madden Bui
CEO, John Madden Co.
Executive Advisory Board
Blair Madden Bui

Biography at a Glance

As CEO of the John Madden Company, Blair Madden Bui has strengthened the company’s commitment to developing and managing vibrant commercial spaces that enhance the community, provide a superior experience for tenants and optimize returns for investors. Blair embraces challenging current industry best practices, aiming to propel the industry into a sustainable future – whereby ‘net-zero” evolves from conception to our new “normal”.

Blair’s diverse professional background in education and business management gives her a unique perspective and approach to the company’s business. She takes a long-term view of the impact of John Madden Company projects on tenants, investors, employees, our environment and the surrounding community.

With deep green development at the core, Blair is committed to developing and managing projects with an innovative mix of sustainability, art, architecture, landscaping, and thoughtful master planning.