Aneri Patel

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Graduate Student Ambassador

Aneri Patel


Dallas, Texas

Why did you choose Daniels?

I was drawn to Daniels due to its robust curriculum for the business analytics program. What particularly stood out was the capstone project where we collaborate with a real-world company, offering both a stimulating and practical learning experience.

Previous Education

BS in business administration, with a concentration in management information systems.

Pre-Grad School Experience

After graduating from the University at Buffalo, I delved into the role of an associate analyst in the anti-money laundering (AML) sector. This brief stint provided invaluable insights into the nuances of analytical roles.

Post Grad School Goal

My immediate plan is to secure a data and analytics internship for summer 2024.I’m optimistic about transitioning to a permanent role with the same company post-internship. My long-term vision includes working as an analyst for several years before transitioning into a product manager role.


I enjoy dancing, cooking and spending time with my friends and family. I love coffee and so I like to explore different cafes around the area. Denver has some amazing cafes to go to.