Allie Lazerwitz
The Denver MBA (Full-Time)
Graduate Student Ambassador
Alli Lazerwitz


Munster, Indiana

Why did you choose Daniels?

The University of Denver is an unparalleled choice for an MBA degree. Nestled in the heart of a booming city that I have grown to love, I chose Daniels because of the diversity of the opportunities it would bring me. Because of the smaller program, I knew that I would receive the help of faculty and staff to guide me in my future endeavors more so than at many other schools.

Previous education

BS in Biochemistry, Indiana University

Pre-grad-school experience

Prior to starting the DU MBA program, I was the chief medical scribe at Denver Health for about 2 years. During this time, I managed a team of about 25 medical scribes in the Emergency Department at Denver Health. Prior to that I had worked at Chematics, Inc., a large biotechnology company in Indiana, working in research and development of at-home diagnostic tests and overseeing fermentation processes.

Post-grad-school goal

After receiving my MBA, I plan to work in Marketing and Product Development for a large Healthcare or Biotechnology company.


During my spare time, I love being outside and enjoying the Colorado sunshine!