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Alex George
Graduate Student Ambassador
Alex George


Littleton, Colorado


I had the privilege of attending the University of Denver for my undergraduate degree. I cannot say enough about how DU has helped me grow as a man personally and professionally. When I found out about the MBA@Denver program it was a no-brainer to attend Daniels. 


I was a pre-med science major at DU. Once I hit junior year, I realized that I did not want to practice medicine. My passion was in the business world. Already having minors in chemistry and Spanish, I got a last-minute minor in business at Daniels to prepare me for the real world.


When entering the real world, I quickly realized there is a lot I did not know. I always knew that in order to succeed in the business world I would have to further my knowledge and get an advanced degree. I am still in the medical industry, just on the business side.

DU gave me a call to talk about the MBA@DU program and I became very interested. I was hesitant on the timing of it all, however. I had just started a new job and felt like I was already too busy. DU did an amazing job of answering all of my questions and making me feel comfortable with any decision that I made. Ultimately, the decision was made to attend the MBA@DU program and I have not regretted it at all!


I have always had a passion for leadership and teamwork. I am looking forward to using the knowledge I have learned in the MBA@Denver program to become a leader in the workplace, ultimately becoming a C-Level executive of a corporation.


Anything related to the outdoors and sports. I love to ski, fish, golf and hike any chance that I get. Being a native, I am very passionate about the Colorado sports teams. Family and friends are the most important aspect of my life. If I can do the things I love with my family and friends by my side I am an extremely happy man!