Alaine Lerner

Owner and Principal, A.J. Lerner Market Research; Marketing Advisory Board Member
Marketing Advisory Board
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Alaine Lerner, owner and principal of A.J.Lerner Market Research, has over 30 years of market research experience as an independent consultant and research manager. She has spent that time designing and implementing research studies to support new product development, customer satisfaction, product or service positioning/repositioning and new business development. Alaine utilizes classic research methods—qualitative, secondary, observational, quantitative—combined with practical experience—to identify insights and inspire creative, intuitive and actionable strategies.

Alaine has a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Denver.

Alaine loves living in Colorado and takes advantage of the state’s natural beauty whenever possible. Her active lifestyle, which includes hiking, biking, swimming, golf, skiing and yoga, is balanced by the more nurturing pursuits of gardening and cooking. Alaine has volunteered time or served on the board of several non-profit organizations in Colorado including Colorado Music Festival, Boulder High School, eTown, Denver and Boulder JCCs, Waterstone Homeowners’ Association, and CircleTalk.

Alaine is the recipient of the 2021 University of Denver Department of Marketing Distinguished Alumni Award.