Aditi Jahagirdar
Master of Science in Marketing
Graduate Student Ambassador
Aditi Jahagirdar


Mumbai, India

Why Daniels?

The thing that interested me the most about Daniels was that it has a great blend of resources and outstanding faculty. Also, Daniels focuses on practical training, which will be helpful for me in the future. The most attractive feature was the ability to complete a  dual degree, which is a unique quality. I could explore and combine different courses and optimize my learning.

Previous Education

Masters of Commerce in Management Studies, University of Mumbai (India)
Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Finance, University of Mumbai (India)

Pre-Grad School Experience

Though I haven’t yet gained professional experience, I’ve completed my bachelor’s and master’s along with a project management program through the University Grant Commission.

Post Grad School Goal

I would love to work for Google; it’s been my dream since I decided that I wanted a marketing career. I would like to focus on product innovation, brand management, pricing strategies and other operations relating to marketing and strategic management.


I love to read, watch movies, sing—even if I don’t sound good—and to paint. I tend to get into many random new activities and explore them.