Abdullah Alhossini
Master of Accountancy Candidate
Graduate Student Ambassador
Abdullah Alhossini

Why Daniels?

Daniels is one of the few schools in the world that has an accounting and business accreditation from AACSB. It provides the perfect environment, including modules, teaching, assessment, facilities and equipment. Furthermore, the University of Denver is home to some of the finest academic lecturers that have excelled in their careers, and it would be a great opportunity to collaborate with and learn from them.

Undergraduate Institution & Degree

King Saud University, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


I like sports. Soccer, tennis, and ping-pong are my favorite!

Bucket List Item

Travel around the world.

Fun Fact

If you see me in the hallway and I do not say hi, you probably saw my twin brother. It’s fine. Go and introduce yourself! He is friendly too!

Post Grad School Goal

I hold a very keen interest in enhancing my qualifications with a PhD in Management Accounting.