Denver’s Individualized EMBA

A Personalized Program from a “Best in the West” Business School

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This EMBA individualizes to your personal goals

This is the Executive MBA (EMBA) that fits you personally, and even comes with a personal coach. Through an individual development plan, everything in the program becomes a focused platform for achieving your change agenda.

The Denver Executive MBA is:

Individual: Starts with assessing your personal aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses—then prescribes how to use your EMBA experience to accomplish exactly what you want. And delivers continuous guidance to make it happen.

Experiential: Work on individual development goals through hands-on challenges and experiences, including team projects, crewing a sailboat, and doing an overseas consulting assignment.

Leadership-Level: A progression of continuous assessments, coaching, training, and experiences that make you an extraordinarily effective leader.

Collegial: Faculty are accessible outside of the classroom, and fellow students share years of experience.

Manageable: One day per week, with classes on the University of Denver campus just south of Cherry Creek.

Premier Program: From a Princeton Review “Best in the West” business school, and with a well-connected Front Range alumni network.


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If you have any questions about the program or whether it’s a fit for you, email:
Lisa Grassfield


This MBA is specially designed for professionals with at least ten years of work experience. You start the program with a detailed assessment of what you, individually, want to be able to do in your professional life – then together with experienced executive coaches make a plan to use the EMBA to get you there. The plan helps guide how you use classes, team projects, and faculty consultation to extract exactly what you need to achieve your goals.


You get a full MBA from this program – with all the coursework and business fundamentals you’d expect. But more than that, you get a complete development program that builds your comfort and effectiveness as a leader. The University of Denver EMBA gives you 18 months of opportunities to practice and hone your abilities. The program includes a team-building trip at sea and high-level project work abroad, along with ongoing team projects based in the classroom.


University of Denver faculty are known for being both great academics and highly experienced in the business world. Plus they’re people who love teaching and are good at it. They are accessible outside of the classroom, whether it’s to provide some extra help on an assignment or spitball ideas about something you’re working on in the office. Fellow students become an immediate network, and our well-connected, Denver-centric alumni network is on your side from day one.


The program runs for 18 months, four days per month on alternating Fridays and Saturdays. Classes are held on the University of Denver’s stimulating campus, with access to faculty offices and study tools. The campus is easy to get to by car or public transportation. The EMBA is for working professionals, and we’ll help you find ways to make it work.

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