To accommodate students seeking to minor in entrepreneurship, the Daniels College of Business—specifically Director of Entrepreneurship Stephen Haag—developed a series of one-day, 1-credit courses focusing on relevant topics. As Haag predicted, however, the courses are of great interest to the Denver community as well.

Stephen Haag

“This is about disrupting the traditional quarter-long course model and meeting the needs of our external business partners while also meeting the needs of our undergraduate students,” Haag says. “By offering one-day courses that each deal only with one specific topic, we can deliver high-quality academic content to our students and to the external community simultaneously. From intellectual property to project management to crowdfunding, we are meeting the needs of both our internal and external stakeholders.”

The Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) is the first external organization to take advantage of these courses, which constitute the Entrepreneur Training Program. Daniels will offer CBCC members eight courses; the CBCC is working with its members to determine which ones they’d like.

Brent Chrite

“We are delighted to partner with the CBCC,” says Daniels Dean Brent Chrite. “The Daniels College of Business is committed to helping entrepreneurs. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to improve the business possibilities for black-owned businesses and the communities they serve.”

The Entrepreneur Training Program is built around the 3Ms: Money, marketing and management. Information is presented in weekly, immersive intensive “sprints,” each one focused on a particular topic with specific action items as outcomes. Each “sprint” is designed to facilitate students’ next step toward success. The program will launch this spring once CBCC members have selected the courses they’d like to take.

“This is about moving the delivery of content beyond the walls of this institution into the thriving and vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Denver area,” Haag says. “The CBCC is an integral part of that ecosystem.”