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Core Priority #1 – An unrivaled Student Experience: Developing Critical and Sought-After Skill Sets

Daniels has always been a great place to be. Students love our small class sizes. Faculty and student interaction results in a culture that is both supportive and stimulating. Sustained and reciprocal engagement with the broad Daniels community, as well as with our many local and global external partners, is a vital part of equipping students for the 21st century workplace. Our commitment to our students’ personal and professional development is absolutely central to our institutional mandate. Our faculty supports each and every student on their Daniels journey. At its core, the student experience at Daniels is structured to individuals, enabling them to excel in a volatile global marketplace and to become immediate value creators. The experience for Daniels students is nothing less than transformative.

Our approach to learning has never been “old school.” Today, we’re harnessing the pioneer spirit that created best-in-class standards like integrated curricula, ethics and our reinvented Denver MBA, each resulting in an immersive new world of experiences. Students are rolling up their sleeves, stepping into the marketplace and tackling the challenges of the moment. They are moving beyond geographic boundaries to embrace the global marketplace. At Daniels, students are exposed to a kaleidoscope of business practices, cultures and expectations. It’s a hyper-connected world—and we connect our students to all that it offers.

"We are developing agile thinking collaborators with the character to lead."

It’s more than a model for education. It’s a survival technique.

Calling all student entrepreneurs! Here’s the chance to live and breathe the creation of a business. You know that idea for a mobile app that’s been bubbling in the back of your mind? The Madden Challenge competition is your chance to design it, write a business plan and pitch it to a team of angel investors—the TV show Shark Tank has nothing on our contest. Better still, it culminates in the winning team receiving a monetary award to help launch their business. “Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs must understand how to succeed in a diverse global economy,” explains Blair Madden Bui, CEO of John Madden Company. “This program is more than a model for education. It’s a survival technique. By teaching students through the lens of technology and innovation, they can define the solutions that the world demands.”

10 Days. One Life-Changing MBA Experience.

In November 2015, 39 students in the Daniels Executive MBA (EMBA) program travelled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Athens, Greece. They met with businesses like HSBC, Western Union and Hellenic Petroleum to discuss solutions to those countries’ most vexing problems. During this 10-day program, students attended an alumni reception in Dubai to discuss global business. And they took part in an effort that would change their lives: they teamed up with the Salvation Army in Athens to assist thousands of North African and Middle Eastern refugees seeking asylum.

The international travel component of the Global Business course is the pinnacle experience for EMBA students. After identifying business opportunities in two countries with contrasting challenges and strengths, students apply secondary research to build feasibility studies—then, they hit the ground running. There is no better way to gain firsthand insight into the countries’ economies, cultures and regulatory environments.