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Core Priority #2 – Market Connectivity: Creating a hub of engagement and impact for the public good

Daniels is well recognized beyond the classroom—our ties to the business community are decades strong. Our students are an active and contributing component of Denver’s energy and dynamism. With the call for engagement outlined DU IMPACT 2025, the College has been expanding its reach as the center of thought-leadership and impact in the heart of Denver. After all, we are more than a campus. We are part of Denver’s thriving, growing community.

This sense of place fuels our vision, feeding and elevating the exchange of ideas. We provide broad access to our resources and intellectual capital, which cultivates strategic partnerships and opportunities. Faculty, students, business leaders and thought-leaders are working together, creating a vibrant hub that serves the public good.

One of the most important requirements of today’s hyper-connected world is the ability to achieve international impact from your own backyard. And Daniels delivers. Our regional partnerships fuel our global reputation. They highlight our ability to contribute
to—and define—the global discourse on critical issues of our day.

“The Institute for Enterprise Ethics’ Breakfast Roundtables have become the #1 place in Denver for civil conversation about tough organizational issues.”

Proving corporate integrity and responsibility is not just good PR. It’s good business.

In 2015, the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at Daniels delivered a wealth of resources and events on the topic of corporate responsibility and integrity. The Institute live-streamed panels of senior operating executives and filmed debates among scholars, providing global audiences with a continuous stream of enrichment via the web. The Institute is now poised to expand its footprint, presenting events that engage and enrich on a larger scale than ever before.

The Institute for Enterprise Ethics demonstrates how trust, confidence and mutual respect are not only the underpinnings of a strong and stable economy—they are proven to sustain businesses and bottom lines. Operating on the forefront of enterprise integrity and responsibility means that brands are elevated as emblems of excellence. Companies shine in the eyes of customers, vendors and their communities. They attract the best and brightest talent. Operating with integrity and responsibility produces more than good will. It drives growth and profitability.



The Capstone to real-life learning

Companies continually turn to Daniels for help developing data-driven, innovative solutions. Through the Master of Science in Business Analytics Capstone project, corporations like DirecTV, Crocs, Western Union and DaVita engage students to leverage their data to make informed business decisions. The chance to take a project from data collection to analysis to recommendations is a powerful experience. Students build their data interpretation and project management skills—and companies benefit from the insights of tomorrow’s analytics leaders.