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University of Denver | Daniels College of Business | Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The vision is as dynamic as the market itself

Welcome to Daniels in Focus, the strategic plan that frames the College’s long-term trajectory. Its scope encompasses the years 2015 through 2020—and its impact will define the best in management education for years to come. Daniels in Focus reflects perspectives from across our campus and beyond. Business leaders, students, faculty and alumni spent months reflecting, engaging and developing new pathways for a new marketplace. The process was iterative and the plan was debated and refined on multiple occasions. Daniels in Focus reflects a vision that lives at the intersection of intellectual rigor and market relevance: Challenging, action-based learning in real time that’s as scalable and dynamic as the marketplace itself.

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Today’s Greatest Strengths Empower Our Vision For Tomorrow

The global marketplace is anything but business as usual. From disruptive innovators to emerging markets and economies, businesses are asking, “What now?” and “What’s next?” And that’s what makes the Daniels College of Business a great place to be. We’re developing leaders who are not only able to address these challenges but who thrive in them. Our graduates are game-changers for a changing world.

Employers are hungry for business school graduates who are inventive, who possess a powerful sense of self, and who have the grit and capacity to engage and lead in a global and connected world. Our market-ready graduates meet these requirements—that’s the Daniels Difference.

Interwoven with the University of Denver’s (DU) bold vision outlined in DU IMPACT 2025, Daniels in Focus is our roadmap for the future. The University has ushered in an era of sweeping innovation and Daniels is at the forefront, channeling thought-leadership and action into the Denver business community—and beyond.

Our plan succeeds because it’s built on proven strengths. We leverage our ingenuity in developing relevant, frame-breaking academic programs. Our faculty’s passion for meaningful research is taking center stage. Our students are stepping out of the classroom and into the marketplace. And we are there beside them, championing their personal development and inspiring them with action-based learning.

Our forward-thinking programs produce the visionaries of tomorrow

What’s the best way to instill the qualities of creativity and critical thinking? By doing. We’ve created inventive, hands-on programs that bring business to life. Students are working with businesses in real time, in Denver and around the world, so they learn to address current and complex business issues. This is the center of gravity at the Daniels College of Business. We also give students the mentoring and support they need to develop their personal, centered and authentic leadership narrative. Every day, recruiters ask us for graduates who have the mindset to lead, adapt and collaborate. Daniels can provide them.

All of these experiences effectively integrate our classrooms with our community. Students are engaging with Denver businesses in immersive new programs. We’re forging even stronger ties with our many public and private sector partners by applying our business insights and energy to some of the region’s—and indeed, the world’s—most critical economic and non-economic issues. Ultimately, our aim is to impact the human condition.

Vision, Mission and Values

The College’s vision, mission and values reflect the enduring principles that have guided Daniels throughout our long and distinguished history. As part of this process, they too have been updated to reflect the vitality of today’s economic marketplace.

Vision | Pioneering business for the public good.

Mission | To benefit the public good by developing business pioneers through impactful scholarship, challenge-driven education and lifelong learning.

Core Values
> Culture of innovation and engagement
> Learn through doing
> Interact with integrity
> Diversity and inclusion as a source of strength
> Global action and influence

The vision, mission and values are the foundation that links the Daniels, DU and global communities together as a cohesive unit with a shared past, present and future. They reflect what we fundamentally believe is our core purpose. We will hold ourselves and each other responsible for leading professional lives that uphold these tenets.

The Core Priorities of Daniels in Focus

The four core priorities that emerged from DU IMPACT 2025 inspire and guide us:

1. Elevate the superiority of our academic programs, infusing them with relevance for today’s marketplace. Learn More >>
2. Act as a wellspring of talent and ideas for Denver’s thriving business community. Learn More >>
3. Create an unrivaled student experience: inclusive, exciting, demanding and personally fulfilling. Learn More >>
4. Retain and recruit excellent faculty members while supporting and promoting rigorous, impactful research. Learn More >>

These critical priorities are inextricably connected to Daniels in Focus and we fully leverage this convergence.

Concluding Daniels Tomorrow

The Daniels Tomorrow strategic plan launched in 2008 and led the College through an era of dramatic change in the management education industry. We concluded this effort in 2015; here are just a few of the most noteworthy achievements across the organization:

Climbed national rankings for numerous programs.
Most significant:

      • Best Part-time MBA Program, No. 53 in the nation, Bloomberg Businessweek (2015).
      • Best Accredited Undergraduate Business School, No. 80 in the nation, U.S. News & World Report (2016).
      • Real Estate Program Specialty, No. 13 in the nation, U.S. News & World Report (2014).
      • Best Online Graduate Program, Executive Master of Science in Real Estate & Construction Management, No. 36 in the nation, U.S. News & World Report  (2014).
      • Top Undergraduate Programs by Specialty, No. 4 in ethics and No. 10 in business law, Bloomberg Businessweek (2013).
        • Transformed the Daniels undergraduate program and revamped the student experience, gaining national exposure and improving student satisfaction.
        • Renovated Margery Reed Hall, a treasured and historic building on campus that was built in 1929. Margery Reed primarily serves as a home to the Daniels Office of Undergraduate Programs.
        • Strengthened the Daniels Corporate Partners program, raising more than $7 million and connecting with 164 corporate partners between 2008 and 2015.
        • Elevated the College’s presence with companies in the region and across the country through numerous networking, engagement and recruiting events and programs.
        • Grew and strengthened the Daniels alumni network to more than 36,000 alumni in 88 countries, hosting alumni events in major cities around the country and the world, reconnecting with more international alumni, and building a rich, active alumni community.

Daniels in Focus provides context around which we can build and grow. With the valuable input of our faculty, staff, alumni, students, corporate partners, advisory board members and many others, and in alliance with DU IMPACT 2025, our “umbrella” strategic plan, we have developed a set of value drivers—our four core priorities—to inspire and guide us.

These priorities will enable us to build upon our strengths, take advantage of opportunities and elevate the College as a leader in management education. Just as important, these areas of focus will create a shared culture at Daniels that embodies our vision, mission and values, and shape the intentional, interconnected community of DU. The real work lies ahead—and we are grateful for the continued support of our community. Learn more about Daniels in Focus and follow our progress at Learn more about DU IMPACT 2025 at