Programs and Certificates Designed to Fit Your Professional Goals

At the Daniels College of Business, we offer some of the best master programs you can find. In fact, many of our programs are ranked among the best colleges anywhere in the world. What makes our educational experience world class? It’s a combination of excellent professors, a leading curriculum, and an administration that stays focused on the needs of individual students and the school as a whole.

While our degree programs are fantastic, we know that not everyone is ready or able to attend school for several years. We also know that some of you already have your advanced degrees. At the Daniels College of Business, we provide a wide range of executive-level certificates and educational experiences for undergraduates as well as skilled professionals. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur and want to learn the best ways to manage your new company or you are a 20-year veteran looking to expand your skills and knowledge in an ever-changing world, we offer certificates and experiences catered to your exact needs.

At the Daniels College of Business, our certificates and programs are split into 3 main categories. Those categories are Custom Programs, Professional Programs, and Graduate Business Certificates. Along with the 3 categories listed, we provide students with the CEO Speaker Series. Here is an overview of each program or certificate.

Professional Programs

Whether you are a budding businessman or an experienced businesswoman looking for an edge in today’s competitive world, our professional programs will give you the advantage you need to find the right career or advance the one you already have. There are 4 primary programs we offer, each catering to a specific type of individual with unique experiences.

High Performance Leadership: This is a professional development program that is unique to the Daniels College of Business. It is a rigorous and intense experience that combines all of the best opportunities and experiences Daniels provides. Often known as our “Mini-MBA”, this program pulls information from the Executive MBA courses and fast-tracks your development through them. You will learn everything from improving team performance in a corporate setting to creating a culture of better communication in the workplace. To enroll you must have at least 7 years of professional experience. The GMAT is not required to enroll.

Emerging Leaders Program: Are you interested in becoming a manager where you currently work? Do you want to know how to successfully manage your own business? Are you looking for new challenges and want to improve your existing management skills? If so, the Emerging Leaders Program will help. This program focuses primarily on leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, feedback and delegation, and conflict management. It is suggested that you have at least 1-3 years of management experience or are in the process of becoming a manager before you enroll. You can earn up to 4 credit hours by enrolling in this course.

Energy Land Management Program: Our ELM program is designed to help professionals from a wide variety of professions learn new skills and acquire certifications in a safe, fast, and effective environment. We provide courses that will help you earn certificates for Energy Land Management; Advanced Energy Land Management; Energy Finance & Management; Mineral, Royalty, & Surface Owners; and Leases, Titles, & Contracts. Each course has different requirements to apply.

Professional Short Courses: The Professional Short Courses we offer are designed to give busy professionals the opportunity to learn exactly what they want, when they need it. Courses are available that cover everything from Pubic Insights to Ethical Leadership. Unlike the other programs, Short Courses begin each month. By enrolling in all courses you can receive up to 16 credits towards your advanced degree.

Graduate Business Certificates

Just because you have graduated with your master’s degree and have been working in a professional setting for years does not mean you have learned all there is to know. In fact, in today’s highly competitive and changing world, unless you have the right training, you are going to be left behind (even if you have an advanced degree).

Our Graduate Business Certificates are designed to provide supplemental or additional experience and certificates for professionals in a number of fields. The program duration is flexible, with classes beginning every quarter and lasting for 10 weeks. The GMAT is not required for admission but you must submit an application and resume before you can be accepted.

Custom Programs

Our custom programs are exactly what they sound like, custom programs designed by you and for you. These programs are tailored for your specific wants, needs, skills, and experiences. These programs are perfect for professionals who need to acquire or enhance a specific set of skills in a short period of time. The custom courses are also great for individuals with little free time who still want to improve their employability or acquire skills that will provide more opportunities for advancement.

Voices of Experience Speaker Series

While you won’t have the opportunity to earn a certificate or credits that can be applied towards your degree, the Voices of Experience speaker series provides students and professionals with the opportunity to hear from world-renowned business experts, entrepreneurs, and leaders from across the globe.

Enhancing Your Education and Professional Skills

At the Daniels College of Business, our goal is to make sure you learn the skills and acquire the abilities you need to succeed. Besides offering some of the best graduate programs you can find, our certificates, lectures, and custom programs are designed to supplement and enhance any skills you might have. We know that it’s a competitive world out there, which is why we have created a wide range of opportunities for individuals of all ages and skill levels.