Participant Benefits

The benefits for a participating executive are multi-faceted, tangible and long lasting. Participants are associated with a nationally-ranked business school, are provided shared office space on campus and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the students and faculty.

Eligibility Criteria

EIRs can be working, semi-retired or retired executives, or successful business owners who are recognized as significant leaders within their industries and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum of 20 years of increasing responsibility and acknowledged success in a specific industry.
  • Prior experience with business schools or universities including: teaching, writing, consulting, guest speaking and research.
  • Previous mentoring experience and willingness to assist students and faculty with networking opportunities.
  • Availability for one to three quarters during the academic year for significant interaction with students and faculty.

Selection Process

EIRs are appointed by the Dean after being nominated by College departments and screened by a selection committee.

  1. Nomination by a member of the Daniels College of Business faculty or administration.
  2. Letter of intent from the nominated Executive in Residence.
  3. Candidates must be available from one to three quarters during the academic year for significant interaction with students and faculty.
  4. Final appointment approved and delivered by the Dean of the College.


Upon selection, the EIR is assigned to a sponsoring academic department/school or academic area. The sponsor:

  • Provides a letter of agreement detailing the EIR’s interests and the College needs related to the EIR’s background.
  • EIR candidates are assigned to a sponsoring department.
  • Sponsoring department prepares MOU and it is signed by the EIR candidate.
  • Introduces the EIR to select student groups, faculty, and staff.
  • Engages the EIR in upcoming programs, advisory boards, research programs, corporate engagement initiatives, career programs and departments, academic programs, centers or schools within Daniels.

EIRs are provided with shared office space and computer access while on campus, including assignment of a DU email address, phone number and business cards. EIRs are invited to College and University events as appropriate. Routine office supplies and modest expenses are covered by the College, but no salary is offered.


To learn more about the Executive in Residence program, please contact:

Daniels Career Services
+1 303.871.3911