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The Burns School Student Playhouse Project is an annual project led by Burns School students to plan, schedule and build a life-sized playhouse for a family suggested by a variety of support organizations.

The students construct the home in a two-day period on-campus (on Carnegie Green). They then host the ribbon-cutting for the children who will be receiving the playhouse, as well as their family members.

This project provides our students an opportunity to give back to the community using the skills they are learning at DU and also introduces our program to community members and industry volunteer supporters who may not have known about us. And it gives all involved an opportunity to visit the beautiful DU campus in the springtime.


WHAT participants ARE SAYING

Being able to take our knowledge from the classroom and come out and actually build something feasible and physical, I think that’s where we actually connect the dots. It’s one thing to read it in a book, but to actually apply it on a job site that’s a school-sponsored project, it really takes the learning experience to the next level.

Jack Ross

The hands-on experience takes what we have discussed in the classroom into the real world. It drives the learning deeper and gives the student real takeaway skills to apply in the career. Plus, it’s a fun experience to work with the power tools and industry partners like Pro Lift Crane service.

Professor Eric Holt
Faculty Advisor

The purpose of this is really multifaceted. One purpose is to provide our students with a handson, working by doing exercise—a tool if you will—where they really can learn how to make the connection between people, purpose and project. We were able to use this teaching tool called The Playhouse Build, to teach our students how to serve the community and provide a family a playhouse who is so well deserving.

Barbara Jackson PhD, DBIA
Burns School Director