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Meet with a career counselor to discuss your career opportunities.Most students know that landing a good internship is a great opportunity, but that does not mean it will be easy to get one of the few amazing positions. We know how hard it can be to carry on when something like this falls through, but there are some good steps you can take to get things going in the right direction. The first step is to talk to a good guidance counselor on campus. These are the people hired to help you get through this educational experience the best way possible. Next, you need to look for opening level positions that do not require internships. While the normal process for your field usually includes an internship, that is certainly not the only way to move things along, and we can help you find these processes. Finally, you should get some help in reworking your resume and brushing up on your interview skills–all of which we can help you with.

Talk with a Guidance Counselor

Missing one internship opportunity does not mean that you will miss out on every internship opportunity that comes along. There are a lot more out there if you know where to look. A guidance counselor can help you with your search, as he or she may know of other opportunities that would suit you and your occupational goals. The counselor can also help you determine what requirements need to be met. We strongly suggest you contact someone in this capacity to help you assess your situation and find the perfect opportunity.

Look for Opening Level Positions

Internships are a wonderful tool for breaking into the industry, but it is not the only way. There are a lot of opening level positions that can help put you in a good job on the basic level. We suggest you take some time to continue looking for jobs that do not require time in an internship before moving you into the company. This can be an even better position for some as it gives them an income, not something most internships offer at the beginning. While we think you should keep looking for good internship opportunities, it is just important to note that there are other opportunities out there in a slightly different form.

Even the most skilled individuals will miss out on opportunities they are perfect for if they do not know how to land the position. What you might consider doing is really focusing on the things that can get you the job. Talk with someone to revamp your resume and strengthen your cover letters. Get some help with your interview skills. Look through some of our resources to help you better polish yourself and your portfolio to best show hiring managers you are really the one they want. Work with people who can get you set up to shine in every situation.

Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.

Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.