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Yao Lei worked with her career coach throughout her job search process. “As an international student, I had little knowledge on how to network in the States. I used the skills my career coach taught me and conducted an information interview with Cigna in September, which directly helped me to obtain information on the company, and later the position I applied for.” Yao Lei’s career coach worked with her, even conducting mock interviews to help her prepare for her interview. By working with her career coach she was also able to gain the soft (people) skills needed.

“Job hunting can be frustrating! As an international student, I understand that how hard it is for us to get out there and talk to those Businessmen and Businesswomen. However, push yourself and train yourself! It gets better over time and it is the key for international students to obtain jobs in the States. Remember, companies are hiring people that they will get along with instead of robots who can just get work done.”