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With the fall quarter quickly coming to a close, this will mark the end of the first third of your career engagement.

Now is your chance for a RERUN!

Merriam-Webster defines the word “rerun” as an occurrence in which something is done again. Here’s the way you can take the word and apply it to your career search. Sometimes when you watch that amazing episode of your favorite show, you might miss something. The phone rings and you get distracted and might miss some vital points of the plot. Sometimes you have to catch the rerun of that show (or in today’s world jump online or hit rewind on the DVR) in order to catch up on what you missed. This can happen during the career search process too.

Many distractions can come into play throughout the school year. So here is my advice for your six week break….time for a R.E.R.U.N.!

  • R – Reflect! Reflect upon your career search. Did you attend an Info Session for the companies you might want to work for, or did you have success at that career fair by following up with a recruiter at that dream company?
  • E – Explore! Explore some companies or job/internship opportunities by checking out Daniels Careers or other websites. You may be missing a great opportunity.
  • R – Research! Research some of the companies or careers that are on your list. Set up job search agents with those companies so you get notified when opportunities you are interested in applying for become available.
  • U – Update! Update your career documents: resume, cover letter and list of references. Maybe some of the projects listed on your resume now have an outcome.
  • N – Network! Do not miss out on the networking opportunities whether formal or informal. Holiday parties and family gatherings are great places to network or reach out to that company representative you met on campus to say happy holidays.

Conducting that Winter Break RERUN will help you reflect on the past successes or shortcomings, get all of your career materials up to the present and lay the foundations for a successful winter quarter. Most importantly…relax and enjoy that cup of eggnog. You deserve it!