Despite the construction sounds of a giant screen being erected just 100 yards away for Wednesday night’s (October 3) outdoor DebateFest student viewing party and people hustling all around her on the campus of the University of Denver to get ready for the first televised showdown between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, Alexandra Gardner is remarkably calm.

The 25-year-old graduate school student who is working on a dual masters degree in international MBA and intercultural and international communication and who is also the president of the Daniels College of Business at DU is not only ushering at Wednesday’s domestic policy event, she’s also working as an assistant to the NBC News team on site and as a student media representative. And, despite growing up in a seriously political household, one that included vigorous debates from both sides of the aisle, she’s going into the night’s rhetorical rumble with an open mind, and open ears.

You see, Alexandra is that rarest of species: a truly independent young voter who is fully engaged in the political process, but still unsure where her vote is going.

“It’s exciting, it’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be involved in something like, and to have it at your school and get to witness the debate live,” said the highly motivated woman of the world, who has studied abroad in China, Hong Kong and London and lived in Spain for a year.