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A Gateway to a Better Future

At the Daniels College of Business we want to help you achieve your career goals. With a variety of master’s degree programs available, we provide opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential. As one of the top ranked business schools in the world, our programs will give you the competitive edge you need in a world that demands the very best from every individual.

If you are looking for a degree that will provide you with a broad range of career options, consider a Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment. Whether you want a career in buying and selling real estate or you are simply looking for the professional skills that will help you find the job of your dreams, our Real Estate program provides everything you need. Here is everything you need to know about the program and how it can help you achieve all of your future career goals — inside and outside the real estate industry.

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What Is the Program?

Our Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment is a program designed to teach students everything there is to know about the world of real estate combined with specific skills relating to the business of the built environment. What does that mean for you? It means a program where you will learn:

  • Leadership skills
  • Management training
  • Business acumen and insight
  • Networking skills
  • The laws and procedures involved with large and small real estate transactions
  • Business analytics skills
  • How to analyze markets and investment opportunities
  • Laws, ordinances, zonings, and regulations surrounding general real estate
  • And much more

At the Daniels College of Business, we offer two Real Estate degree programs. Our Executive Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment is a flexible program that can be accomplished in as little as 18 months or spread out over 5 years. The standard Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment is a one-year, full-time program that provides an expansive overview of everything from property development to investment strategies. There is a part-time (18 month) plan available as well.

Your Business Future

So how can our Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment help your business future? To begin with, it’s important to consider many of the career opportunities this degree will provide you with. Here are a few of careers available to program graduates:

  • Real estate agent
  • Property manager
  • Broker
  • Real estate attorney
  • City planner
  • Construction manager

The world’s population is growing at an ever-increasing rate. At the same time, businesses are springing up across the world. Despite periods of economic turmoil, the world market is always expanding, and in order to create developments, communities and buildings for new businesses and homes, educated professionals are critical — every step of the way.

From the earliest stages of planning to the final inspection process, a Real Estate and the Built Environment degree will give you the experience, skills and opportunities to find a rewarding career at any point along a construction or development project’s process. If you like working with your hands and being a part of the action, this degree will open doors to working as an on-site supervisor for small residential projects and the largest commercial developments. If you are fascinated by the rules, laws and regulations in the world of real estate, this degree is a perfect stepping stone on your way to becoming a real estate attorney. If you are interested in helping homeowners buy and sell property or you want to help business owners find new locations for their business, you will have the skills to do so. And if you are the type of person who loves being creative and coming up with designs, you can find a job as a planner or development designer. Whatever your ambitions in the real estate industry are, this degree can help you get there.

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Beyond the Program

While the Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment program provides unparalleled training and experiences, part of what makes the program beneficial (no matter what your career goals are) is the number of advanced educational and professional opportunities available at the Daniels College of Business.

A number of lectures, certification programs and leadership training seminars are available to all students and alumni. Some of these include the Voices of Experience Speaker Series (where you can learn from leaders in the business world), Race & Case (a business ethics and ski challenge), as well as the CEO Speaker Series. All of these along with many other opportunities will help you develop niche skills and find new ways to improve your resume.

We also provide one of the most comprehensive and robust Career Services departments you will find in any university. While an education itself is great, it means little if you don’t know how to put it to good use. The Career Services team will help you identify and work toward your professional goals. Help is available before your classes begin, throughout your program, and any time you need them after graduation. Even with an advanced degree, the world is a competitive place. But with the assistance of the faculty and a variety of digital resources, you will have access to the best possible opportunities to reach your professional goals.

At the Daniels College of Business, our Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment is perfect if you want a rewarding career in any aspect of the real estate and built environment industry. But with all the program offers, it is a perfect way to establish your career foundation.