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Executive Education offers a variety of workshops and courses to upskill the workforce

Simply because you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree or have been successfully employed for many years doesn’t mean you’re done learning. No matter what field you’re in, there is more to learn. There is always room for growth and ways to add or enhance your skillset.

At the Daniels College of Business, we offer a number of skill enhancing workshops and leadership courses through Executive Education. Learn how these classes can help you as your proceed through your career.

Skill-enhancing Workshops

At the Daniels College of Business, Executive Education has designed workshops to target specific and relevant areas of business. Workshops include:

This workshop will help you make powerful use of data storytelling to turn the mountains of raw data into meaningful stories that inform decisions and drive change. You will learn technical, hands-on skills that will show you how to use and apply Power BI, a free Microsoft business analytics application that helps users visualize their data.

Big Data is powerful and plentiful and has the potential to dramatically change how you do business. By focusing on the four v’s of data analytics—volume, velocity, variety and veracity—you will be able to grow your business and create more Value for your organization.

We all need a basic financial understanding and a fundamental vocabulary to map our work to what matters most in business. Covering things like essential finance and accounting skills, financial statements, budgets, forecasts, and long-term finance decisions, you will gain the confidence to ask better questions and make more informed financial decisions.

The goal of this advanced finance course is to make you a more intelligent user of finance and strategy. It will enable you to ask better questions and to make better decisions. You will become a more sophisticated manager, particularly when focusing on the interplay and interdependence of strategy, finance and management.

Leadership Development

Leadership training is critical for any organization. Executive Education offers a variety of formats and content to address every aspect of leadership, for all levels of leaders.

Emotional competencies is critical for you and your organization. The Insights Discovery System is a simple yet powerful framework used for developing and improving personal leadership, high performing teams and interpersonal communication in the workplace.

The Accelerated Leadership Experience delivers best practices and highly applicable team building skills in a 5-week leadership program. This experience is designed for managers and acts as a catalyst for transformation.

The Denver Leadership Experience is a 5-day, hands-on, and highly applicable workshop designed to challenge you to think and perform differently in order to reach your leadership potential.

Benefits of the Workshops and Leadership Courses

Professional development is a great way to enhance your abilities and make yourself more valuable to an organization. However, gaining extra skills is not only a personal choice, but a choice as leaders in organizations. Investing in training for employees helps them feel valued and reduces staff turnover. As you seek out educational opportunities for yourself, or for your employees, Executive Education has a wide variety of options. You can always start by watching one of their free webinars.