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School has started back up and that means recruiting season is in full stride! It also means DU students are diving head first into job and internship searches; career fairs can be an excellent resource for networking and identifying potential employers. Preparing for a day of talking to recruiters and professionals can be a bit overwhelming, so let’s start with what to bring on the day of the fair.

  1. Your Resume— Bring several copies of your resume that have been updated and reviewed. And by several copies, I mean somewhere close to 10. You may not hand your resume to every person you meet, but having them readily available for the companies you click with can get the ball rolling on potential employment. Before you hit print, make sure you’ve double-checked your resume to include the most up-to-date information. If you need immediate assistance, check out the 24/7 Career Help.
  1. A Note Pad and Pen— At a career fair you’ll find yourself in situations where you need to take down contact information, and you may want to create a list of the companies you liked and why you liked them. Making lists of employers that interest you as well as why can help you after the career fair when you sit down to start researching and applying to positions. This is a great time to try out that new DU padfolio!
  1. A Plan – While this one is a little more theoretical it is just as important. For most fairs the list of companies attending will be published prior to the event. Use this to your advantage. Find out if your top choice companies will be attending and also research companies that are new to you. Prior research will give you a better idea of what the company is offering and will impress the recruiters.
  1. Bonus Items – While these are not required, they may help you. If you have either business cards or a name tag it is a good idea to bring them. Some companies may not take resumes, but having a business card is an easy way to get your name out there and have the recruiter remember you. Also, if you have an official DU name tag, wear it! These are perfect events to show them off, and if you have bad handwriting like me it will look more professional than the write on sticky ones they will have at the fair.