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At Daniels, we enjoy one of the most beautiful “backyards” in the world–a mountain wonderland featuring the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains.  Because of our proximity to some of the nation’s best skiing, many people assume that Denver’s climate is cold and snowy.  While DU does occasionally close for a snow day, the vast majority of the time we enjoy mild weather and cloudless blue skies. I can guarantee that you will hear someone bragging about Denver’s 300 days of sunshine within your first few days of arrival.

Snow, sunshine, and blue skies at DU.

Snow, sunshine, and blue skies at DU.

Temperatures stay moderate all year round, with an average high of 47 degrees in December and January.  When the flakes do fall, they have usually melted by the afternoon.  I have gone running in a tank top and shorts while there are still patches of snow on the ground!

Enjoying Denver's warm December weather!

Enjoying Denver’s warm December weather!

In addition to our sunshine, the lack of humidity is another popular aspect of Denver weather.  While our average highs in the summer reach the 80s, our low humidity levels keep the heat from feeling overwhelming.

On the rare occasion that we do get bad weather, it doesn’t last long.  When the clouds come out, Denverites console each other with the popular phrase, “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.”  After a quick afternoon thunderstorm or a brief flurry of snow, our blue skies reemerge, and we revert to soaking up the rays of sun.