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A candidate with international travel experience is highly appealing to employers—especially large companies that work with clients throughout the world. It’s important to show employers that you gained many skills and new perspectives during your time abroad. You can do this in your resume, cover letters, interviews, and networking efforts. See below for some examples of transferable skills you have likely gained during your time abroad, and work with your career advisor on incorporating your specific international experience into your job or internship search! Make an appointment through the Student tab on Pioneer Web.


Qualities and Transferable Skills Developed through International Travel

Use the appropriate qualities and traits to demonstrate your transferable skills and experience on resumes, cover letters, and in interviews.

  • Inclusive excellence- The active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity.
  • Commitment to valuing difference- Seeking out and appreciated all types of differences.
  • Confidence- The ability to navigate successfully in a new or different environmental and engage with others different than oneself.
  • Knowledge of other cultures- Utilizing cultural knowledge to gain better communication and rapport with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Communication skills- Adapting one’s communication style to a diverse environment or with a diverse person or group, developing a foreign language.
  • Global citizenship- Recognizing and appreciated the interconnectedness of a global society.
  • Flexibility (dealing with ambiguity)- Being adaptable in a new situation or environment.
  • Self-reliance– The ability to interact and maintain on one’s own in a new situation or environment.
  • Worldly– Having a sophisticated knowledge of other cultures, diverse people, and places.
  • Tolerance– An open minded acceptance of people and other cultures that are different than oneself.
  • Resourcefulness– Being able to creatively succeed in a new situation by utilizing available resources and adapting.
  • Teamwork- Working well in a team of people of a diverse background or culture demonstrating respect and appreciation for the difference and strengths each member brings to the group.
  • Empathetic- The ability to see situations from another person’s perspective that may be different from oneself.




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