Up Your Skillset with New Open Enrollment Options from Daniels

From the Desk of: Dr. Barbara Kreisman

Barbara Kreisman

Dr. Barbara Kreisman

In the fall of 2012, several key areas within the Daniels College of Business were reorganized as part of our strategic plan, Daniels Tomorrow, to provide more of a synergistic approach to the Daniels educational experience. Two such areas are the Offices of Executive and Professional MBA Programs and Executive Education. The decision to combine these programs under one associate dean makes sense since all  serve the needs of working professionals—individuals who are returning to school for specific career or skill development purposes.

Daniels commitment is to ensure that all experienced professionals who enroll at Daniels to enhance their careers receive a high quality, robust learning experience. Personally, after more than 30 years at companies such as Fisher Controls International (a division of Emerson), Motorola Semiconductor Sector and Dell Corporation, I realized that many organizations struggle to find an educational partner that can offer courses and academic programs to meet their immediate talent or staffing requirements.

Given this background, I am aware of the educational needs of today’s businesses and organizational leaders—because I was once in their position. At Daniels, team constantly strives to create educational offerings for individuals seeking to fill a specific training need. These offerings—open enrollment, custom/corporate, certificate and specialized training for emerging leaders—are in addition to the College’s MBA programs for working professionals. Often organizations will suggest the EMBA and PMBA for their high-potential employees. Other times talent managers will suggest a specific course to an employee that would help the employee develop a certain competence, such as finance or accounting.

Our new open enrollment classes—which begin this fall under the direction of Kelsey Johnson, director of executive education, and Suzanne Dastin, program developer—will be offered as for-credit and non-credit courses. Some credits can be applied toward a certificate or degree program. Classes go from a half day in length up to two weeks, depending on the subject.  All will be taught by regular full-time or affiliated DU faculty members. Soon, we hope to offer courses that companies suggest to fill specific needs as well.

Anyone from the public is welcome in an open enrollment course, and DU alumni receive a 15 percent discount. Courses will likely include Sustainability, Leadership, Execution Competence, Business Analytics: Big Data, Global Perspectives, Economics, Family-Owned Businesses, Entrepreneurship, Program/Project Management, Strategic Organizational Planning/Talent Management and health care-related issues, among others. Class schedules and registration details will be available on the Daniels Executive Education site in the coming weeks: daniels.du.edu/certificates-professional-development.

Daniels Executive Education prides itself on being able to “unbundle” degree programs in order to give professionals the type of education they need most in their fields and careers. We offer classes that will benefit individuals and organizations alike. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to email me at barbara.kreisman@du.edu.