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Putting Your Knowledge to the Test

You listen to thought-provoking lectures, read pages upon pages of literature within the multifaceted world of business education, then write the ideal business model. In do so you take part in an important exchange—an inhale and exhale, if you will, of valuable information. This living and breathing way of gaining an education is a time-tested and imperative way to expand your learning base. However, there is much more to learning than what is found inside and around the classroom.

As any global traveler can attest to, there is a difference between learning the words, verb conjugations and regional terms of a second language in the classroom–and actually placing your feet on foreign soil and conversing with the locals. The best way to solidify what you learn is to put your knowledge to the test in real-world, hands-on experiences.

Experiential Learning

At the Daniels College of Business, we provide the real-world opportunities you need a practical way to put your classroom and book learning to the test. You will be equipped to roll up your sleeves and use your business skills when the stakes are real. With the experiential learning found at Daniels, you will emerge, not only sharp and field-tested, but well versed in cross-functional business intricacies and big-picture understanding as well.

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities while completing your MBA, including global opportunities, business leadership interactions and even competition experiences.

Global Opportunities

The business world is a global institution. With the advancements in travel over time, the global economy became more accessible allowing executives to hop on an airplane and traverse the continents, closing deals and forming working relationships. Now that technology has permeated every inch of the business world, global business opportunities are everywhere.

The Daniels College of Business offers global opportunities to fit the interests and needs of every student. They include:

  • Enterprise Solutions project: For 10 to 12 weeks, you will be part of a team of students working with an international company to tackle a pressing issue by building teamwork during the process of analyzing data, applying business ideas and concepts and offering recommendations for business solutions to the client company.
  • Deutsche Bank Microfinance project: As a global education partner of Deutsche Bank’s Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium, students have the opportunity to oversee the $80-million microfinance fund to perform due diligence for new loan requests from international microfinance institutions and visit an international microfinance institution.
  • Doing Business in Great China: In this experiential learning opportunity, students will travel to China and neighboring Taiwan to meet with business executives in these companies to learn the culture and how business is conducted in these countries and in conjunction with the United States.

Business Leadership Interactions

Forging connections and networking is an essential part of the business world. By participating in our business leadership interactions, you will not only form these important connections, but you will also get the hands-on learning experiences you need to solidify your education here at Daniels.

Some of the opportunities in this realm include the following:

  • Walk Down Wall Street: You will not only gain the hands-on experience desired during this week-long learning experience within the financial world of Wall Street, but will also be able to network with powerful financial business men and women in this specialized facet of the business world.
  • Marketing Roundtable: If marketing is on your radar, then participating in a marketing roundtable is an ideal choice to gain real-world experience. You have the opportunity to participate in a discussion on marketing trends and techniques with top industry professionals and renowned educators.
  • Leading at the Edge: This 3-day outdoor leadership and training experience, based out of the Rocky Mountains, will give you excellent hands-on experience. The outdoor leadership and team building activities draw in decision making under stress, problem-solving, teamwork, and ethical issue solving in a unique environment. Students form valuable connections among their peers, which lead to collaborative work after graduation.

Competition Programs

What is better than adding a little element of competition to hands-on learning? Many business leaders thrive under the premise of a good competition; why else would you go into a competition-based profession? There are plenty of opportunities at Daniels for a little friendly competition among students while gaining essential real-world experience.

Just a few of the competition-based learning experiences include the following:

  • Race and Case: What do you get if you combine the exhilarating experience of skiing in the fresh Colorado powder and a real-world ethics case? The epic Race and Case competition, of course!
  • Inclusive Excellence Business Case Competition: Here at Daniel’s, we are proud to host one of the few business case competitions focused on diversity. During this competition, students spearhead a current issue that is centered on inclusive excellence.
  • Associate for Corporate Growth Case Competition: Centered on mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory, investment banking, and private equity, this ACG Cup competition among regional business schools provides the real-world experience you are looking for in the business world.

Complete Your Education

Don’t be satisfied with an incomplete educational experience. At Daniels, you will not only gain the essential classroom and book learning, but you will also have multiple opportunities to complete your education by taking part in real-world, hands-on learning.