An internship is the ideal way to put what you’ve learned in class to use in a professional setting. Interns get real-world experience and the opportunity to develop timely skills that employers are looking for. Did you know that available elective credits can be used for an internship? Often a one- or two-credit internship can help you maximize the full benefits of the tuition you’re currently paying.

When you start the search process, know what you’re looking for: an internship should be an experience that will challenge you! Set goals for yourself and consistently check-in to make sure that you’re on track to accomplish what you’ve set out to learn. Once your internship is complete you’ll have a better idea of the specific areas of your industry that you’d like to work in and more importantly those you don’t. An internship can be a highlight on your resume which will become much more valuable as you move closer toward graduation.

Where can you find the right internship? PioneerCareers has hundreds of opportunities! It’s a great place to start. Complete your profile and you’ll have access to employers who are specifically seeking Daniels Business students. If your resume needs a bit of a tune up, contact one of our Daniels Career Center staff members for an appointment. We offer a variety of services designed to specifically get you prepared for the application and interview process. Appointments can be made using the Student tab in PioneerWeb or by phone at 303-871-3911.

Daniels Career Services also offers exciting workshops geared toward perfecting skills you’ll need to be successful once you’ve landed the perfect internship. Employer information sessions and ‘Meet & Greets’ are also available. Information can be found here.

Scholarships are available to Daniels majors and minors who have financial need (as determined by FAFSA or CSS profile) and are completing internships, paid or unpaid, for academic credit. More information can be found at:

Plan now for an exciting and incredible work opportunity. Don’t let another quarter pass by without taking advantage of all that Daniels Career Services has to offer!


By: Angie Jimenez, Project Coordinator