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Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for…especially here in Colorado!  As citizens of a swing state, we have been bombarded with TV ads, postcards, phone calls, and visitors encouraging us to vote for one party or the other.  It will be a relief once the polls have finally closed and we can breathe again.  A lot of us are starting to feel like this little girl:

Over the summer and fall, I have been working on the Truth Test Team at 9NEWS (click here for an article from DU Today).  Our job is to transcribe the political campaign ads, test each claim that is made for accuracy, and then write up all of the information in a format that can be used by the political reporters.  We like to joke that we’re tougher than the guy from Dirty Jobs:


The job has been a lot of fun.  We work in the ever-busy newsroom, so we get to hear a lot of breaking local and national news.  There are ALWAYS beverages and goodies to be found (everything from cheeseburgers left over from the Broncos Huddle to cookies left over from the ask-a-lawyer program).  And 9NEWS is a generous sponsor of a wide variety of community organizations, so they often invite us to attend events (below is a picture of my friend and I joking around in a photo booth at the 9NEWS-sponsored Pink Tie Affair, a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation).


But the very best part of the job for me has been what I have learned while researching everything from Romney’s tax plan to Mikosi’s voting history.  I have become a very well-informed voter, and I am always ready and excited to share the (nonpartisan) facts with people who are talking about politics.


A screenshot from one of the 9NEWS political promos.

A screenshot from one of the 9NEWS political promos.

Sadly, tonight will mark the end of my job as a Truth Tester.  Unlike the little girl above, I am mourning the end of the political season.  But I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work at 9NEWS, which would not have been possible without the Daniels College of Business.

When I first interviewed for the job, I talked extensively about my Graduate Assistantship at Daniels and the research I had done for work and for my classes.  I discussed the leadership skills I had developed and my commitment to living up to the Daniels standard of ethics. As the 9NEWS Vice President looked over my resume, carefully created under the tutelage of the Suitts Graduate and Alumni Career Center, I could tell that she was impressed.  A few days later, I received a phone call from one of the Executive Producers, and I was honored to join the 9NEWS team as a proud representative of the Daniels College of Business.