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Involvement Provides Opportunities for Success in Your Job Search

By Peggy Littleton, MBA Candidate and Graduate Assistant, Suitts Graduate & Alumni Career Center

Is this what your upcoming week looks like: DUMA meeting on Monday, DGWiB speaker on Tuesday, IBA reception on Wednesday, GBSA SWOT on Thursday, and HCC happy hour on Friday? While some might think your calendar reads like an alphabet soup, in reality, you’re expertly leveraging Daniels various student organizations to maximize your degree. Involvement with student groups strengthens your professional and personal networks with fellow students, faculty and community leaders while enhancing your education outside of the classroom. Through active participation and leadership roles, you can easily learn and refine new skills, build your contact list and explore (or discover) your passion.

When faced with a list of 15+ student groups, it can be daunting to know where to begin. We recommend starting with identifying your interests, keeping in mind that there is something for everyone. Committed to a sustainable future? Join Net Impact. Interested in the business of sports? Check out the brand new Sport Management Club. Want to be a consultant? Head to the Daniels Consulting Firm. All of these options offer an effective way to showcase your talents, fortify your commitment and even try out new and different role–all while building your resume.

But don’t mistake quantity for quality and join every club that piques your curiosity. Poets & Quants suggests that you join three to five clubs and hold one to two leadership positions (putting in about five hours per week during year one and ten hours per week, often as a leader in year two). Ultimately, employers don’t care about your club membership, they care about finding a well-rounded potential hire with transferable skills. Daniels groups are your opportunity to cultivate strategic thinking, enhance quick decision-making, and connect with like-minded students. It is no coincidence that these universal skills and more appear on Forbes’ list of qualities employers look for the most.

So use your time at Daniels to attend meetings, talk to existing members and/or leaders and check out which groups are a good fit for you (and vice versa). But then commit to just a couple–don’t spread yourself too thin. Apply for leadership positions or special projects, volunteer to help out at an event, brainstorm potential initiatives which could utilize your expertise. Active participation, coupled with a leadership role, will help build your brand meaningfully. You will develop your community engagement, hone your teamwork and fundamental communication skills along with management, planning, organization and problem-solving abilities.

Whether you’re looking to gain experience in real estate, marketing or investment banking, or want to improve skills in creating budgets, analyze quantitative data or implement an entrepreneurial strategy–Daniels has student groups and organizations that will further your personal and professional development.