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There are many concerns and apprehensions that arise when you begin mulling over the idea of getting an MBA. Will you get in? How much will it cost? Do you have the time and resources to commit to a successful completion? While all of these concerns are valid, it is also important to think about everything you will gain from getting an MBA. While it will not be without sacrifice, all that you receive as a reward from your hard work will make the sacrifices worth it. While there are many other reasons, below we offer a list of the top three.

We know why you’re apprehensive–the workload is intense and the sacrifice of your time is great, but we firmly state that your reward will make everything worth it in the end! Here’s why:

  1. Increased access to networking opportunities. Many business professionals who take time out of their busy schedules to obtain an MBA are most excited about the networking opportunities a graduate program offers. You will be surrounded by like-minded people for hours each week, and you all have the chance to pick each others’ brains and learn from the best. You will be inspired, motivated and educated on a daily basis. In order to further provide our students with networking opportunities and the chance to learn from the best, we offer many programs such as our “Walk Down Wall Street” and executive and alumni mentoring. To learn more about our alumni and networking opportunities, click here:
  2. Gain real world experience and sharpen your skills: When you finish your MBA program, you will leave in confidence–knowing you have all of the tools necessary to be more successful in the business world. Whether you are seeking an MBA to get a promotion, to better your entrepreneurial skills and advance your business, or simply to find your place in the business world, an MBA will provide you with the real world experience to enrich and enhance your professional life. At the Daniels College of Business, we offer a variety of experiential learning opportunities in order to better prepare you for the world of business. From global learning cohort opportunities to enterprise solutions in which you work with corporate partners on actual business issues, we ensure that all of our graduates have the real world skills to succeed.
  3. The ability to better your current situation. No matter your reasons for getting an MBA, you will find that upon graduation your opportunities for advancement and growth are much wider than they were before your graduate education. This is what sets the Daniels MBA program apart from the rest: