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pioneerblog-sweatitout4Are you considering getting your MBA somewhere in Colorado? Have you been trying to figure out why you should or shouldn’t do so? If you are looking for some advice, you have come to the right place. Getting your MBA is one of the best things you will ever do. And getting it in Colorado is even better. Here are three unique reasons why you should pack up and head to Colorado (or stay if you already live there).

The Three Best Reasons

  1. The University of Denver and the other schools throughout the state are among the best in the nation. While some publications and agencies rank colleges and assign overall winners, the process of picking a single best school is quite arbitrary and subject to individual preferences. So when you can say a school is “among the best,” that’s about as high as the accolades and praise can get. And guess what? That’s right, most of the universities in Colorado are among the best in the nation. If you want a quality education, it’s the place for you to go.
  2. Its diversity will allow you to study almost anything you want (except for marine biology, unless you know of a secret ocean hiding somewhere). You can literally study anything and everything you want. From marketing and finance to the performing arts—if you have a goal, you can reach it in Colorado.
    What makes reaching your goals even easier is the great career services departments and other career-seeking agencies in most of Colorado universities. Getting a degree doesn’t automatically mean you get a new job. But when you visit a school in Colorado, you are sure to find the best employment placement specialists in the business. Whether you want an executive MBA or you want to write poetry, they will be able to help you make your dreams rewarding (financially and otherwise).
  3. Have you actually seen Colorado? The state is amazingly beautiful and diverse (and that’s not a subjective or personal statement, it’s a proven fact). While earning an advanced degree you will need to devote most of your free time to study, however, that doesn’t mean all of your time will be spent studying. If you like hiking, Colorado has some of the best trails and paths you can imagine. If you like swimming, lakes, pools and ponds make the experience a blast. If you like cycling or running, you guessed it—Colorado does those the best as well. A good education requires balance, and the best way to stay balanced is to have a little fun. So whether you like spending time in great bars or hiking the great outdoors, Colorado is the place to get your MBA.

There are plenty of other reasons you should head to Colorado to get a degree. But be honest with yourself, the most important things are quality of education, ease of finding employment, and the beauty of the area. If you are looking for a place where each of those rank higher than just about any other place in the world, head to Colorado.