danielspioneer-james-richardsReflecting back on my two years in the Full-time MBA program at the Daniels College of Business, I realized there were several things I wish I knew before I started my program. Overall, I do not regret my time at Daniels or the relationships I made. The experiences I was immersed in during the program equipped me to achieve my career goals today. However, I do believe in continuous improvement and I wish to share the things I learned.

Daniels has numerous student groups. I was active in many, including the Graduate Student Ambassador Program, the Executive Mentorship Program and the DU Marketing Association. However, with my double concentration in Marketing and Business Analytics I feel like it would have been advantageous to join additional groups that aligned more directly with my career objectives as well as taking on more leadership roles in those groups. Students groups are a great way to learn more about business and leadership and provide great opportunities to build your network. In addition, student groups will differentiate you from the competition, both on paper (through your resume) and during interviewing with potential employers.

Secondly, I think it is essential to take advantage of meeting with your graduate advisors every quarter before registering for classes to ensure you are on track. Daniels graduate advisors have been a great resource for me in helping me choose the right classes that meet the requirements while also finding classes that would help me reach my career goals. I made one mistake in this area and it postponed my graduation by a quarter.

I know choosing the right graduate program and business school is a difficult decision. I hope I have provided some insight for those who are currently making the choice and wish you all the best on the journey you are about to embark on.