Have you ever considered working for a start-up? Denver and Boulder are home to many start-ups from tech to beer making and everything in between.

According to Forbes, Colorado attracts new businesses because it has a relatively low cost of living, and there is an abundance of young talent. Many millennials move to Denver for a better lifestyle, access to education, and the urban environment. Ring a bell? That was certainly true for me.

So how do you know if a start-up is the right fit for you? After all, start-ups can have a lot of risk or reward. According to the Wall Street Journal, three out of four start-ups fail. But, even if that happens to your employer, it could still be a great way to gain valuable skills. No matter what, the experience could accelerate your career if it’s a start-up that has the right leadership and culture for you. As a former employee of a Denver tech start-up, I can attest to that and have compiled a list of pros and cons.


  • Learn a wide variety of skills
  • Gain responsibility quickly
  • Empowered to do meaningful work
  • Surrounded by innovators and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Opportunity for upward mobility
  • Greater work-life balance


  • Pressure to conform to company culture (need to fit in to move up)
  • Lack of processes in place
  • Often take on multiple roles at one time
  • Salaries may not be as high
  • Benefits may not be robust

To learn more about start-ups in the area, check out Startup Colorado.

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Amy Geisert is an MBA candidate and Graduate Assistant at Daniels Career Services.