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People often wonder how many jobs or internships they “should be” applying for, or how many people with whom they “should be” networking.

There is a delicate balance between sending out your general resume to every online posting you see, and only sending in applications to your two or three ideal positions. Below are a few tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

  1. Make sure you are applying to enough postings that you’re able to land some interviews. When you are job or internship hunting, aim to apply for at least five positions per week. Even if the position you land an interview for isn’t your top choice, you may speak with the employer and realize it would be a great opportunity after all. If it doesn’t end up being a fit, think of the interview as a learning experience.
  2. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the keywords in the job description. Make sure you are speaking specifically about each company or organization in your cover letters, instead of sending the same template to every employer. A career adviser can help you determine the best way to format your resume for each position.
  3. Reach out to many alumni and other professionals for informational interviews. When you are job hunting, aim to meet with two or three people per week. This means you will need to send out 5-10 emails or LinkedIn messages, as not everyone will respond or have time to speak with you. Informational interviewing is a great way to learn about different jobs, and also to network with people in your industry.
  4. Stay in touch with the alumni and professionals you speak with. You are bound to connect with some people more than others, but be sure to send a thank you note to everyone you talk with. Always stay in touch (at least once every two weeks if you are job searching) through email or follow up meetings with the people that will be most helpful to have in your professional network.

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