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Undergraduate student Anna Jackson shares 10 reasons why she feels Stella’s is a great escape

Stella’s Gourmet Coffee and Such is an attractive blue and yellow-painted coffee shop located on South Pearl Street, just north of the University of Denver campus. From the friendly staff and great tasting coffee to outlets at every table, Stella’s continually proves why it’s the “Great Escape.”

The Great Escape?

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Lightning Thief, you know about the Lotus Casino that trapped people inside for ages because of the addictive games, great-tasting food and unlimited money on the game cards. The casino where time flew by on the outside, and no one aged on the inside.

The Lotus Casino is Stella’s Gourmet Coffee and Such.

You can be sitting in Stella’s for what feels like 30 minutes and two hours have passed. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

Top 10 reasons why Stella’s is the Great Escape (in no particular order):

 (1) Dog-friendly patio. Stella’s provides free dog treats for our furry friends.

(2) Friendly staff that makes a great effort to get to know you and make you feel welcomed. You’re not just another customer to them. According to their website, “Friendly service is at the core of what we do. When you come to Stella’s you are a part of our family.”

(3) Two fire pits on the patio and in the back for colder days.

(4) Free WiFi with strong connectivity.

(5) Located a stop away on the RTD from the University of Denver campus (Louisiana-Pearl).

(6) Art created by local artists hang the walls and are available for purchase.

(7) Along with Pablo Coffee, there is a wide variety of drinks on the menu including a seasonal drink menu.

(8) An assortment of food is available for purchase including bagels from Rosenberg’s, breakfast burritos, various types of bread, candy, hummus, etc. These items along with dessert baked from a local vegan baker.

(9) They provide a printer that’s easy to access that prints in color or black and white. 

(10) They even have rooms available for rent. The Amsterdam Room pictured above holds about 50 people, pre-COVID. 

See you at the Great Escape!

Jackson’s blog was part of an assignment and blog contest in the Daniels communication courses BUS3000.