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Accounting: Opening Doors to Your Future

At the Daniels College of Business, we take pride in offering one of the best Masters of Accountancy programs you will find anywhere in the nation. Accounting is one of the most important things to understand in today’s business world. Whether you want to start your own business or find a rewarding career working for your favorite company, a strong background in accounting is going to make you more successful in everything you do. Businesses live and die by numbers. And whether or not you pursue a role specifically as an accountant, the skills you learn during the program will allow you to make better decisions and be a valuable asset to your company–no matter what field you work in.

Understanding the GMAT

In order to enroll in the Masters of Accountancy program at the Daniels College of Business, you will usually need to take the GMAT test. On a few occasions, however, it is possible to waive the test and enroll in the program without it. We will discuss waiving the test shortly. But before you can begin thinking about waiving the GMAT, you need to understand what it is and how it applies to the Masters of Accountancy program.

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GMAT: What Is It?

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admissions Test, and it is required if you wish to apply to business school. The test is recognized across the nation as the authoritative and definitive method for testing a potential student’s general aptitude and abilities. The test is designed specifically to tell business schools everything they need to know about a particular applicant and whether he or she will be a good fit for a program. The test itself is broken down into four primary sections (analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal). Test takers will have approximately three hours to take the test.

The test itself is quite difficult and requires extensive preparation and study time. This is one of the largest hurdles any potential student will have to face before he or she can work towards an advanced degree. Even with several years of college behind you, preparing for the test will not come easily. Because of this, many potential students look for alternatives to taking the test or ways of supplementing the test results with real-world experiences. However, the test should not be viewed as something you intentionally try to avoid. It is better to spend your time studying and preparing.

GMAT: Can It Be Waived?

At the Daniels College of Business, it is possible to have the GMAT waived. Please note that this exception is not available to all students. In order to qualify to have your GMAT waived, you must meet one of the following conditions (which can also be found under the “admissions at a glance” heading):

  • You have an existing graduate degree from a regionally accredited school.
  • You have passed four parts of the CPA exam.
  • You have a bachelor degree in accounting (or business, with a major in accounting) from an AACSB-accredited school with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 and 3.0 in the undergraduate accounting courses.

If you are eligible or think you are eligible to have the GMAT waived, we suggest you schedule an appointment and speak with an admissions manager. At the Daniels College of Business, part of what makes us a national leader is our excellent support staff beyond the professors and programs they teach. An admissions manager will be able to discuss your specific situation and help you understand if it is possible to waive the GMAT and whether or not you should, given your current circumstances.

Special GMAT Rules

While the above rules apply to the average student, there are a few exceptions. If you are an international student, your enrollment process and GMAT experience will differ slightly. While it is possible to waive the GMAT even if you are an international student, you must meet one of the criteria listed above as well as:

  • You must read, write and speak English fluently (the TOEFL test will determine your ability).
  • You must present evidence of a degree obtained from your university along with your transcripts and any other records.
  • You must have a student Visa.

If you meet these requirements, enrollment is generally open to you. In that case, the traditional GMAT rules will apply, as well as the waiver rules. Please note that even if you are an international student you will still need to have passed the CPA exam or have records from an American educational institution.

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Preparing for the Course

Most students will not be able to waive the GMAT. If that is the case for you, preparing for the rigorous and demanding exam is a must.

The first thing you can do to prepare is take a GMAT prep course. At the Daniels College of Business we offer a GMAT Boot Camp for current and new students. This day course will help you better understand the test and what is required.

You should also consider finding a tutor to guide you along your study path. You can find tutors through Pioneer Web or by speaking with an admissions manager.

Lastly, consider that there are practice tests available. While they will not replicate the test experience exactly, they will provide a great opportunity to get a feel for what the test will involve in a real-life experience.

Update: As of fall 2021 the Daniels College of Business is a GMAT/GRE-optional institution, meaning each candidate must determine whether one of these exams will support their candidacy and merit. Scores from these standardized tests should be submitted with your application if you feel that they will strengthen your application.