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[UPDATED: The Pioneering New Heights Campaign has ended. Find out other ways to give to Daniels.]

“Before I went to college, I had never left the country and didn’t really have anyone in my life that inspired me to get out and see the world. I feel like the opportunities presented to me as a college student truly broadened my horizons.”
-Jennifer Wilson, IMBA

Jennifer’s experience at Daniels has opened doors for her to see the world. Jennifer was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and stayed in state to attend college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On her first chance to live and work abroad, Jennifer accepted a job as a social worker in the United Kingdom and learned that she loved to travel. After her time in the UK, she did just that, traveling around Europe and later Asia and South Africa.


When she decided to go back to school, Jennifer knew that she wanted to tie her passion for traveling with her education and chose to pursue an International MBA from Daniels. Her experiences at the Daniels College of Business have enabled her to learn business basics while gaining a more nuanced international perspective, which together satisfy her future career and lifestyle ambitions. Jennifer is planning an international career in nonprofits and views herself as a global citizen. She says if it weren’t for Daniels and her traveling experiences, she “might still be a small town girl from Wisconsin.”

This past fall, Jennifer participated in Leading at the Edge and will be going on a Global Opportunity (GO) trip during winter break. Leading the Edge is a weekend for MBA students to learn about leadership, team building and problem solving, as well as exploring their strengths and weaknesses. Activities like Leading at the Edge weekend and GO trips are funded by generous donors who support our students.

On the Leading at the Edge weekend, Jennifer went into the experience with no expectations. By the end, she was amazed by how efficiently her team worked together as a cohesive unit. The weekend presented intellectual as well as physical challenges, most notably several opportunities to overcome personal fears. Overall, she found it to be an interesting, worthwhile experience that showed people’s true colors and helped her learn what she was capable of. “[Leading at the Edge] legitimately strengthened my understanding of leadership.”

Jennifer is excited to go on her first GO trip to Tanzania. The group will meet in Dares Salaam the Sunday after Thanksgiving, making Jennifer truly thankful for these opportunities she has been able to partake in, backed by funding from Daniels donors.



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