If you didn’t get the chance to attend “The Dress Code” last week, I will give you some quick tips for professional attire. Although millennials have adopted a more modern take on professionalism, we must consider our audience. Something we may deem professional might appear too casual to an interviewer or colleague. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to wear for these important events:

  1. The Interview: When in doubt, go conservative.
    • Men: suit and tie, clean dress shoes (no scuffs and dirt), a button-down dress shirt, and come cleanly shaven.
    • Women: a classic pant suit, a tailored dress (should be at least halfway down your thigh) paired with a cardigan or blazer, or slacks with a nice blouse. Finish off with a neutral pair of flats or heels.
  2. First Day on the Job: When in doubt, go conservative. Whether you work at a start-up or a fortune 500 company, it’s always best to play it safe on your first day. Observe what other colleagues and superiors are wearing first, then apply that to your decision making moving forward.
  3. Lunch with your Boss: This is an opportunity to show a bit more personality and style. You still want to remain professional, but including some more vibrant pieces is always a good idea.
  4. Networking Event: Similar to lunch with your boss, you want to remain professional. Airing on the side of conservative is always safe, but networking events can also be a time to showcase fun, dressy pieces.

Bonus: Additional Real-World Hacks:

  1. Keep extra accessories in your office – meetings and events can be unexpected (i.e. a tie or heels).
  2. Always carry business cards – exchanging information is easy networking.


By: Caroline Lewis, Junior Marketing Major