Women make up nearly half the U.S. work force and get more college degrees than men. But men are still making more money.

A new study tells us exactly how big the gender wage gap really is.

The April report from National Women’s Law Center found the typical working woman will make $443,360 less than her male counterpart over the course of a 40-year career.

Doctor Mac Clouse, a professor of finance at the University of Denver, says the disparity is high, in part because of the jobs women are being hired to do as the economy rebounds.

FOX31 Denver asked Dr. Clouse about the best- and worst-paying jobs for women. Here is a list of industries with the widest gender pay gap:
– Technology
– Blue collar jobs, such as fast-food service and janitorial work
– Media, both TV and print
– Banking
– Senior management positions

Dr. Clouse says just because you’re a senior manager, if you’re a VP of something, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same pay as a man in a similar position.

Here are the fields with the smallest gender pay gap:
– Pharmacist tops a “Forbes” magazine list of best paying jobs for women
– Lawyer
– Nurse practitioner
– Computer science professional

The bottom line, according to Dr. Clouse is if you really want to do something that will pay you equally, then try to get into a position where equal performance can result in equal pay such as jobs in sales.