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We all know and love those students who have been up for hours practicing and doing homework while the rest of us snooze away. They are the students who make scheduling a group meeting difficult because they are constantly practicing or traveling, yet they always magically get their part of the project done!

It is about time we honor these wonderful students and their continuous commitment to their courses at Daniels and to their athletic team. That is why the month of May is dedicated to Daniels supporting its student athletes.

Each week we will be highlight one of our spring sports team by holding a contest where YOU can win prizes by letting our student athletes know how great they are!

5/9-5/13 Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Team

Take a picture with a student athlete from this team during the week and post it on our wall. More posts means more opportunities to win!




pioneerblog-studentathletes25/16-5/20 Men’s and Women’s Tennis Team

Post the names of four of the seven members of the men’s and women’s tennis team who are also Daniels students on our Daniels Pioneer Facebook wall.




pioneerblog-studentathletes35/23-5/27 Men’s and Women’s Golf Team

On our Facebook wall we will give you the facts, photo, or name of a member on the men’s or women’s golf team and you fill in the rest. The more you know, the farther you go!




*Prizes include Daniels Gear such as tumblers and t-shirts plus coupons! These prizes can be won by posting completion of these challenges to our Facebook wall. The contestant with the best or most posts per week will win!