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Buonaforma brings elegance to 3D printingArt pieces from buonaforma

Where do the worlds of high-fashion art and 3D printing collide? Buonaforma, an emerging startup from the University of Denver (DU), has set out to find the answer. By combining the timelessness of ceramic form and the innovation of modern technology, buonaforma offers sophisticated, luxury art pieces by transforming the ordinary into elegance.

The company was founded by Peter Frank, an undergraduate student of mechanical engineering at DU. He and his co-founder Nate Vance met through the Ritchie School Engineering and Computer Science, where they discovered a shared passion for the intersection of business and innovative technologies. Both have firsthand experience in the world of startups from their work with PocketChange, another venture borne from the minds of DU entrepreneurs. Their business know-how has spurred buonaforma’s mission of creating timeless art pieces through cutting-edge technologies, such as stereolithography.

Lauren Cole, buonaforma’s head of media and marketing, rounds out the leadership team with an intimate knowledge of the arts. With a background in photography and sculpting, her skills in form and texture have lent invaluable insight to buonaforma’s pieces.

These entrepreneurs envision buonaforma’s products serving as functional display pieces in sleek modern houses and high-end restaurants and hotels and being limited edition collector’s pieces. With these inspiring student entrepreneurs at the helm, buonaforma is paving new paths at the crossroads of art and technology.