Among the construction happening this summer at Daniels is Career Services’ new Recruiting Suite, which will offer an improved experience for employers visiting campus and give students dedicated space for interviews.

Daniels will be buzzing with activity—and power tools—this summer as several student spaces are renovated. Construction is slated for completion by mid-August, just in time for the start of the 2017 Fall Quarter.

The new and improved spaces will allow for greater collaboration, comfort and convenience, and are part of Daniels’ ongoing commitment to provide students with an exceptional educational experience. This summer’s renovation projects include:

  • Career Services’ Recruiting Suite in DCB 235. The suite will be equipped with six interview rooms that can accommodate both in-person and phone/Skype interviews, as well as a spacious waiting/lounge area. The Recruiting Suite will offer an improved experience for employers visiting campus, and students will have a dedicated space for interviews.
  • The Graduate Studio in DCB 155. The renovated studio will be a space for all Daniels graduate students—regardless of their program—to meet, work, share, relax and connect with each other. The space will house eight offices for Graduate Advising and the Daniels Events team; a new glassed-in conference room equipped with cameras and microphones for recording and conferences; a café area with a full kitchen; and multi-purpose furniture and white board walls to create easily configured work spaces throughout.
  • The Marsico Lab in DCB 182. The lab will be equipped with new and upgraded technology including a new monitor; microphones in the ceiling; moveable cameras for video conferencing; digital signage; an electronic ticker; a designated laptop; and a new projection unit.
  • The Center for Consumer Insights and Business Innovation (CiBiC) in DCB 197. Developed for the study of human behavior with an emphasis on market-driven results, CiBiC will include a lab space that supports cross-disciplinary research and engagement internally as well as with industry partners. The space will allow for a variety of research paradigms, including focus group observations, experiments and “live client” projects, and will also offer a new forum for faculty-student interaction. Learn more about CiBiC.