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On September 10, 2013, the Daniels College of Business kicked off the 2013–2014 season of the Speakers Connection, which pairs experienced members of the local, national and global business communities with Daniels students. Faculty from Daniels departments and schools bring seasoned business professionals to campus to share their real-world perspectives and experience with the student community—as classroom lecturers, leaders of roundtable discussions, industry career panelists and more.

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At the kickoff breakfast, members of the Speakers Connection met with department chairs and school directors, faculty members and students. Dr. Corey Ciocchetti of the Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies delivered his well-known speech, Inspire Integrity, which he has delivered to audiences around the country. Dr. Ciocchetti also offered tips and advice to Speakers Connection members on how to best engage the student audience.

The Speakers Connection is reflective of the Daniels commitment to real-world, hands-on learning. “Students love to hear about real-world business management and leadership challenges and how executives handle them,” says Dr. Dan Sweeney, adjunct faculty member and executive director of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics. “They also enjoy hearing the executives’ career stories and the secrets of successful career development. And the guests always enjoy interacting with students and helping them get ready for their careers. It’s a win-win situation.”

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Members also benefit from their association with students and the greater Daniels community. “The Daniels Speakers Connection is a great way to share your experiences with future leaders of tomorrow and perhaps most importantly to help nurture their professional growth and guide their development,” says Lynn Price, director of U.S. and international sales, Funovation, and the founder of Camp to Belong. “I heartily encourage all business leaders in our community to share the wealth of knowledge that they have gained throughout their work experience. It is without a doubt a great investment of their time.”

Several Speakers Connection members spoke at Daniels between September 24-27 during Career Connections Week, including Steve Musick, CEO, president and founder of Destiny Capital; Joe Colosimo, president of Colosimo and Associates; Bob Nogueira, senior director, HR talent management of Kaiser Permanente and Luke Wyckoff, chief visionary officer of Social Media Energy.

Daniels welcomes interested individuals to apply to the Daniels Speakers Connection. The position is voluntary and there is no guarantee of future speaking engagements.