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danielspioneer-7thingsWhat did your master’s degree give you? If you said an education, you were right, but only partially right. While your degree certainly does represent a whole lot of new information swirling around in your head just waiting to be used, that is only a small part of what you gained. If you want to know what else your master’s degree gave you, here are seven great things you didn’t know you had:

Seven Great Things

  1. You have more confidence. Go ahead, admit it (use some of your newly acquired confidence to admit it if you must). It takes a lot of hard work to get through graduate school. No matter what type of degree you earned, there were likely group projects, discussions, real-world events and tests along the way. Being able to do all of those things well enough to graduate required confidence – confidence you now can claim.
  2. You have more debt. Education is expensive. You might be wondering why something negative is on a list of positives, right? That’s because your debt represents a door to a greater financial future. Your investment will be paid off in a few years. During that time (and ever afterwards) you will be making more money in a great career and have more opportunities for advancement.
  3. You have more friends. Even if you graduated from an online course, you were still required to debate, discuss and communicate with others in your program. Friends are always good when you need a shoulder to cry on. But education-based friends are even better. Why? Because your friends will help you create more connections that can lead to wonderful opportunities and growth.
  4. You have more connections. Forget friends for a moment and think of all the people you met throughout your educational career. From professors to executives, nobody can get through school in a bubble. Your connections can be used for great things. But keep in mind that you need to maintain a relationship with anyone and everyone that was and is important to your career.
  5. You have more books. Unless you were the type of student who stayed up late following every assignment to the letter, you probably didn’t read every word of every book your professors assigned. Well now you have the time to go back and read them (or re-read them if you already have). Reading your educational material will also help you keep all of that wonderful information at the front of your mind.
  6. You have practical skills. Forget the skills and knowledge you gained during your time in school (okay, don’t forget it, just put it aside) and instead, think of all the practical skills you learned. Multitasking – check; reading quickly – check; public speaking – check. The list goes on. All of those skills will help you both in the workforce and in your daily life.
  7. You have determination. Nothing is better for motivating you and driving your determination than accomplishing a big goal. If you made it through graduate school, finding a job is the easy part. Climb a mountain, invent a new product, write a book and learn to cook while you are at it! With all that determination, nothing can (or should) stop you from achieving your goals.