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They say that in life, it’s all about timing, and that’s certainly true about going to graduate school. What we know for sure is going back to school can be hard to do once you’ve left the academic world. Several of the specialized master’s degree programs at Daniels don’t require work experience, and a number of our students come directly from undergrad to keep the momentum going.

We could tell you all of the reasons why this is beneficial, but we thought we’d let the students doing the talking. So here goes! What are the benefits of going straight from undergrad to grad school?

Keep it Fresh!

Knowledge is still fresh in your mind after graduating from undergrad, so it will make it easier to do well in grad school if you go straight to grad school from undergrad. I’ve found it was an easy transition because I was already in the school mode.

– Nadeen, Master’s in Management Candidate, 2018

Be Different. Be Competitive.

It makes you more competitive as a future job candidate. A master’s gives you more in-depth information about the area that you’re interested in at a higher level, allowing you a greater understanding of the subject.

– Emily, Master’s in Business Analytics Candidate, 2018

Get Focused!

If you have a more general undergraduate degree, a grad degree can help you focus on the area that you are interested in for your career, such as marketing.

–Julia, Master’s in Marketing Candidate, 2018

Get the Edge.

Give your undergrad education an edge. I was an English/Psych double major and felt that in order to get a job in the business world, I needed more formal business education and an understanding of the job landscape/career routes within marketing.

– Ericka, Master’s in Marketing Candidate 2018

 A Grad Degree = Big Time Door Opener

I believe my grad degree will open up more doors earlier for me in my career. Some jobs want more experience versus a higher degree. But I think if you have higher credentials early, you have more opportunities to get experience.

– Danny, Master’s in Business Analytics Candidate, 2018


So, there you have it! Direct from students who chose to go straight to grad school from undergrad.

The Daniels Graduate Admissions team is hosting Chill & Chat on campus today from 12 – 2 p.m. just west of the library (Anderson Academic Commons). This casual event – fully equipped with ice cream, games and music – will be a great opportunity to connect with Daniels admissions representatives about your options for graduate school, scholarship opportunities and paving the road to your career. Come see us!

If we miss you today, you can always come visit our team in Room 255 at the Daniels College of Business at 303.871.3416. See you soon!