My name is Lena Dubensky and I am a first-year MBA student at the Daniels College of Business. I completed my undergraduate degree in Sport Management from Syracuse University and worked in the sports industry before returning to school to get my advanced degree. One of the reasons I chose to attend Daniels was because of the ability to create my own opportunities.

When I arrived on campus in September, I was surprised to learn that the school recently cut a Sport Management concentration despite the fact that sports is a huge industry. In a sports-central city like Denver and a championship school like DU, I knew that there had to be other people as excited about sports as I am. I decided that if there were no sport resources on campus, I would start my own. I came up with the idea to found a Sport Management Club (SMC) for graduate and undergraduate students in Daniels. Starting a club in graduate school is a little bit like starting a business—but without the risk and very little fear. I asked myself “what’s the worst that can happen?” My answer was that maybe people would not be interested. I figured that was a risk I could take.

SMCLogo2I put together a team of six other students to help me start the club and we got to work. Getting a club formed, approved and off the ground has been an amazing learning experience. It has been challenging, exciting, scary and mostly rewarding. The SMC has developed relationships with professional sports teams, sports marketing firms, sports agencies and a variety of other sports-related businesses in the Denver area and around the country.

Daniels has given me the opportunity to take risks outside of my classroom learning. I have had support from my fellow classmates, from Student Services, Career Services and departments all across the universities. I am so excited to see where this club goes and the experiences I will have as part of it.

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